Ashley Nicole Dent
Senior MVP Scholarship

Ashley Nicole Dent epitomized the spirit of athletic competition and what it meant to be a member of a team. Ashley was lost to her Spring Valley teammates after a tragic car accident on the way home from soccer practice in 2006. In her honor and memory, the Viking Cup recognizes the tournament's Senior MVP each year via a scholarship to her chosen college or university.

The Spring Valley Viking Cup Presented By South Carolina United FC

Ashley Nicole Dent Senior MVP Memorial Scholarship
($1,000, funded by South Carolina United FC)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Nominees must be college-bound Seniors

  • Nominees must not be disqualified (red card) from any match during the tournament

  • Nominees must not be cautioned (yellow card) more than once during the tournament

  • Scholarship winner must attend an institution of higher learning upon graduation from high school and must present receipts for related expenses for reimbursement

  • Scholarship winner must claim scholarship during calendar year award is received

Team Ashley

A.N.D. Senior MVP Scholarship Recipients:

Caroline Conti
2019 JL Mann

Haley Hocking
2018 Clover High School

Estelle Murphy
2017 JL Mann

Maddie Goodman    
2016 Lexington

Emma Coen
2015 Academic Magnet

Lindsay Peagler
2014 Lexington

Kallie Peurifoy
2013 Academic Magnet

Selection Procedures:

  • Selection will be made by The Viking Cup Scholarship Committee

  • The scholarship will be presented to the Senior Tournament MVP

  • The Senior Tournament MVP will be selected from among Bracket Champions only (teams advancing to play on Sunday)

  • Overall performance, performance on Sunday, and overall contributions to team success will be among the factors considered for selection

  • Visiting coaches may be asked for input during the decision-making process, primarily as a means of gathering data about player performance during the Cup

  • Should a Spring Valley player become eligible, neutral visiting coaches will be added to the selection committee

  • The scholarship recipient will be announced at the awards presentation after the final match